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We’re A Creative Force

Our passion for innovation constantly drives us to redefine how businesses showcase their stories. With cutting-edge 3D technology and boundless creativity, we craft visual narratives that go far beyond the expected. We don’t do ordinary virtual tours, we create Immersive Digital Twins that’ll transform your business into a captivating 3D Experience “With Just One Click”

We’re A Friendly Bunch :)

The Space Trace crew are a great bunch to collaborate with but we’re also dynamic and highly effective. We’ll add rocket fuel to your online presence to boost footfall and create a buzz about your business before people even set foot. So say hello and let’s build something extraordinary together.

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Discover a new era in 3D Digital Exploration with SpaceTrace

Virtual Exploration

Matterport enables prospective guests to virtually step inside your venues and spaces, immersing themselves in every detail as if they were physically present. This not only saves valuable time and travel expenses but also delivers a seamless and convenient experience for anyone interested in exploring your venue. Elevate your digital presence with Matterport, where every detail matters, and the journey begins.

Virtual Venue Showcase

With Just One Click, showcase every unique feature, from the inviting ambiance of your dining area to the unmatched comfort of guest rooms. Elevate your presentation with immersive precision, giving your audience an unparalleled glimpse into the essence of your spaces.

Storytelling in 3D

Immerse potential guests in your hospitality story using Matterport 3D Twins. Highlight unique hotspots with 'MATTERTAGS,' creating tantalizing 3D replicas that set the stage for an unforgettable culinary experience. Make reservations a breeze by giving diners a taste of the ambiance.

Remote Facility Management

Transform your facilities management and development processes with our powerful tools, meticulously designed to streamline maintenance and identify issues with pinpoint precision. This cutting-edge technology doesn't just translate to substantial cost savings; it also enhances operational efficiency for your spaces and venues. Redefine and elevate your approach to facilities management, staff induction, training, and disabled access, unlocking unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Future of Event Planning

Event spaces can leverage Matterport 3D Twins to showcase their facilities, helping event planners visualize and book spaces. This game-changing technology is ideal for conferences, weddings, and special occasions, enhancing the planning process.

Immersive Hotel Tours for More Bookings

Matterport 3D Twins provide immersive virtual tours for hotels, allowing potential guests to explore rooms, amenities, and event spaces. This captivating experience excites and ensures more bookings, giving hotels a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Our Performance

Be surprised seeing the final outcome with us.

Increased Bookings

Increased Interactions

Increased Awareness

Customer Satisfaction

Virtual twins have been proven to increase booking reservations for hotels and restaurants by as much as 42%
According to research carried out by Social Bakers, organic 360-degree 3D replicas generated 45% more interactions than conventional photos.
50% of adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours in their research and decision-making process.

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